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Burglars Hacking Into Cars With Keyless Remotes




A wave of high-tech car burglaries in the North West & Gauteng that baffled its victims has deepened into a digital crime mystery where thieves are breaking into vehicles that have keyless remotes with no sign of forcible entry.
Keyless remotes that lock and unlock car doors are a great convenience. Most drivers believe that remotes are totally secure.
More and more car owners are learning the hard way that the very thing that makes a keyless wireless remote convenient is also its Achilles heel.
The majority of break-ins involve jamming, but word of a universal remote control is doing the rounds.
Like most remotes, with the simple push of a button you can lock or open the door. The problem is that thieves can use a device that is readily available in electronics shops that can block the signal and keep the cars lock from locking, leaving your belongings vulnerable.
In some cases thieves clone keys and remotes when cars are left in service or parking facilities. They can buy a key at any key shop and programmable remotes are available all over the internet.
  It takes anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minutes to make a working key fob for a car.
According to an email that is doing its rounds in the Northwest & Gauteng, there is supposedly a universal remote available on the black market that allegedly opens about 50% of the latest cars available on the market.
There is truth behind this story. The Platinum Weekly confirmed a few facts behind this digital crime mystery with Jacques van Wyk, a senior lecturer in Electrical, Electronic & Computer Engineering at the University of Pretoria.
According to van Wyk, he tested the blocking of a signal with his own gate opening remote & it worked! They tested it on a well known brand, the name of which I would rather not mention.
He says it is straight forward, if two remotes are used at the same time, a signal gets blocked most of the time.
And what’s more, according to van Wyk, there is a system available on the black market that records the signal that your remote sends. This signal is then played back, and the thief has access to your car. He did however say that vehicle manufacturers are currently working on a new “code & frequency jumping” technology to try and eradicate this digital crime.
What to do?
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