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03 February 2017

Reported in last week’s edition of the Platinum Weekly newspaper

  • Protea Park, Rustenburg: A 13-year old teen and 54-year old woman was ambushed and raped in broad day light near the Wildevy Shopping Complex.
  • Geelhoutpark, Rustenburg: The Kloofview Primary School in Manuka street, was robbed of R705 000,00 worth of items.
  • Rustenburg: A woman was robbed at gun-point at Selly Park.
  • Rustenburg surrounds: The following lodges and guesthouses were targeted: Rhenosterfontein (Country Estate), Boschfontein (Monyati Inn), Waterglen (Oude Landgoed Lodge), Olifantshoek (Balule Bush Lodge) and Modderfontein (Bietjie Berg).
  • Waterkloof, Rustenburg: A mother and 3-year old were held at gunpoint and robbed.

Over a period of four days, four incidents of house robbery and murder were reported at small holdings in the policing area of Sector 5.

Sector 5 of the Rustenburg area includes:

Waterglen, Waterkloof, Kroondal, Arnodistad, Matabeleng, Modderfontein, Kromrivier, Rhenosterfontein, Waagfontein, Rietfontein, Zuurplaat, Waterval Village (RPM), Boschfontein, Olifantsnek, Oorsaak, Waterkloof Area, Waterfall East Ext 1 to 25, Moorishidol, Potato Bass, Shark Whale, Kroondal up to Olifantsnek, the JHB Road – Rudan Garage up to Protea Hotel and also the old PTA Road up to Rietfontein.


Kroondal – On Friday evening, 27 January 2017, at approximately 00h15, a family in the Kroondal vicinity enjoyed a late supper. “All the doors were locked,” Captain Elsabé Augoustides, police spokesperson, confirmed. “The family heard a sound and then came across two intruders forcing their way through a burglar door.”

The two women and a child ran to one of the bedrooms and locked themselves inside. Soon afterwards they heard gunshots go off.

Twenty-five minutes passed.

They had in the meanwhile contacted the outside world for help, who came rushing to assist.

“When they emerged from the room, one of the women came across her husband, lying in a pool of blood in the kitchen,” Captain Augoustides said. He sustained multiple gunshot wounds and was rushed to a local hospital.

Electrical and electronic appliances were stolen and the suspects fled on foot.


Dinie Estates/ Kroondal – A man residing in the Dinie Estates area, near Kroondal, was fast asleep Friday evening, 27 January 2017 at around 22h00.

He was startled when five armed gunmen woke him up. “The man was tied up and forced to drive with the assailants to an undisclosed destination,” Captain Augoustides said.

Fortunately, the armed assailants dropped the man off at an unknown location in the veld. He walked for hours until he reached a local mine, where he summoned help from the security.

His bakkie, in which they were travelling, a Toyota Hilux bakkie, was stolen. Other stolen items included linen, a fridge, stove, electronic equipment including his television, I-phone cell phone, clothing and cash.


Waterfall Village, Rustenburg – An elderly couple residing in Waterfall Village was fast asleep on Sunday evening, 29 January 2017 at approximately 22h20 when they woke up to the sound of dogs barking.

The husband went outside to investigate.

The elderly lady became more wary as her husband did not return, so she also went out. She came across her husband wrestling with two assailants. “He was fighting for his life,” Captain Augoustides said. The woman screamed for help and ran inside the house. The attackers soon followed but had to break through the dining room window to gain entry.

They dragged the elderly man inside the house... The elderly woman soon realised her husband had been killed.

She was pistol-whipped [the assailants used a handgun as a blunt weapon to hurt the woman] and demanded jewellery and cash. They also forced her to open the safe.

The elderly couple were robbed of TV sets, DVD players, clothes, a wrist watch, jewellery, cell phones and a firearm.

The suspects fled the scene on foot.


Waterglen/ Rustenburg – A husband and wife were watching TV on Sunday evening, 29 January 2017 at approximately 23h00 in the Waterglen area.

Armed gunmen entered their home and tied them up.

“The door was closed but not locked,” Captain Augoustides reported.

The assailants demanded cash and also robbed the couple of electronic equipment including I-phones, laptops, a play station and TV’s. Fortunately, the couple were not harmed.

The suspects fled on foot.

Soon after, the couple ran to summon assistance from the neighbours.  


Rustenburg – The Rustenburg Police urges the public to protect themselves and not to leave their homes when they suspect that something is wrong.  In a security village, or even a security complex, it is advisable to rather phone the security company to come and assist. Otherwise phone the Police or your immediate neighbours.

“We also appeal to the public to ensure that doors are not only closed, but securely locked. Ensure that your premises are equipped with ample security lightning, and that your windows are closed before going to sleep,” Captain Augoustides urges. 

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