Headline News
09 February 2018

Rustenburg – In the summer heat we all love to splash around in a pool to cool off. Unfortunately for the kids of the Rustenburg community, there is no relief to be found from the heat as the ‘Marais Street’ public swimming pool is closed once again. 

The Platinum Weekly newspaper spoke to Josey Harris, chief coach at the Rustenburg Swimming Club (RSC) on Wednesday, 7 February: “The public swimming pool had a budget of well over R1 million for renovations to the pool in August last year, but the funds have been depleted. It takes a larger quantity of chemicals to clean a green pool than it does to keep a pool clean, due to lack of funds and a lack of chemicals the pools often turn green.”

Says Gregory Legobye, superintendent of public pools in Rustenburg: “The official reason for the closure of all public pools is the depletion of funds. Funds have been transferred and we are waiting to receive these funds to service and maintain the pools. The closure of the public pools is temporary. The municipality is facing financial constraints at the moment. We are waiting for funds to clear, which, I believe will happen within the next 24 hours and we will open again before the weekend.”

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