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10 February 2017

Brits – “We are desperate for assistance. I have followed all formal revenues to get assistance for the flood-issues faced by Bapong Village community members in Brits. I humbly ask that anyone who are able to help, to please contact me,” says Nompumelelo Tyeku.

Photos taken on 26 January 2016, Bapong Village, Brits.

Nompumelelo is a mother and member of the Bapong Village community. 
In personal capacity, she has formally contacted their local Tribal Office, Royal Family, mines and the government to lend a hand – on numerous occasions.

“Our conditions are dire. When it rains, our children cannot go to school and the elderly cannot get to clinics. The situation has been like this for years and when we turn for help, no one is able to support us,” Nompumelelo said in an interview with the Platinum Weekly newspaper. “Any form as support will be greatly appreciated – more than you know!” 

Hundreds of homes have, and continue to sustain water damages as water freely flows into their homes when the rain wreaks havoc. “As a mother, I am concerned when I send my two kids off to school, afraid that the conditions are dangerous... but to miss school every time it rains is no solution. 

Serious medical emergencies could surface at any given time... what then? How do we get our people to the clinic or hospital? What of those on their way to work? We really need help,” Nompumelelo urges. 

If you are willing to assist, please contact Nompumelelo Tyeku on 081-853 9944.

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