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09 March 2018

Rustenburg – The Rustenburg Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) needs your help.

Over the past 15 years, SPCAs nationally have been receiving support grants from the National Lottery, but in 2017 the Lottery decided to shift its focus to poverty relief and crime prevention, leaving the SPCA to desperately scramble for new income streams.

Finding safe homes for as many animals as possible is their number one concern, but this can often be an expensive concern. The animals they rescue are in such a state of abuse and neglect that they need special care and veterinarian services before they can be given to a new home.Not even mentioning the sundry costs, food bills, petrol and vehicles necessary to feed and care for these poor animals.

As Monique Swart, vice chairman of the Rustenburg SPCA told the Platinum Weekly newspaper: “Our monthly expenses can run anything from R75 000 to R80 000. The Rustenburg Local Municipality has pledged their support, but we fear it may be too little too late.”

Monique said she understood it sounds like an enormous amount, but if 375 families in Rustenburg pledge R200 per month, the Rustenburg SPCA would be able to keep their lights on and their doors open to the animals that really need it.

Please donate to the Rustenburg SPCA or better yet, pledge an R200 monthly donation on behalf of your company or family.

For more information, contact the Rustenburg SPCA on 014-592 3181 or mail

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