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13 April 2018

Rustenburg – The Rustenburg Local Municipality’s (RLM’s) council made key decisions during a council sitting on 30 January, including: 

The council has approved the request for a partnership between ABSA bank, in line with enterprise development in Rustenburg. The partnership will enable Rustenburg based enterprises doing business with the municipality to access funding from ABSA, to be able to deliver on their contracts with the municipality and elsewhere.

This partnership will facilitate ease of access to funding by these targeted emerging contractors and other small businesses that will be providing services to the municipality.

The partnership will also enable the municipality to access business development support programmes sponsored by ABSA to benefit local businesses. In order to give effect to these resolutions, the municipal manager was duly authorised to conclude the memorandum of agreement with ABSA.
RLM release: 10 April 2018

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