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13 April 2018

Rustenburg – Dean Kelly, well-known battle scenes artist and also renowned for the painting of the cooling towers in Orlando, Soweto, was commissioned by Kedar Heritage Lodge to paint a very large wall scape, depicting the battle of Buffelspoort.

The painting was launched on 5 April by the executive chairman of Kedar, Robert Forsyth and Dean, while the story of the battle was told by the historian Roger Webster, well-known for his “Fireside Chats” on SAFM for the past 15 years.

At the specific battle Gen. Smuts and De La Rey successfully attacked a large British supply convoy of over 130 wagons and confiscated most of the supplies, while destroying the remainder.

Although war art is well known around the world for memorialising war efforts, very little is and was done in South Africa to commemorate historical events in our rich history, through this art form. Kedar sees this as a great opportunity to preserve history and serve as both local and international tourist attraction.

The Kedar Museum displays one of the world’s largest collections of South African War memorabilia and its management is of intention to keep on adding to it, from all cultural and ethnical backgrounds. This is the second war mural Dean painted at Kedar, but this is the first outdoor wallscape.

 Dean Kelly. Photo: Charl du Plessis (
From left: Roger Webster, historian; Robert Forsyth, executive chairman of Kedar; and artist Dean Kelly. Photos: Charl du Plessis (
A portion of the large, detailed, war wallscape.


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