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03 March 2017

Rustenburg – Camp Kaleidoscope will brighten children’s lives this August. Making a difference in another’s life is perhaps one of the biggest and most lasting things we can do. So often do we get bogged down in our everyday lives, that we miss the opportunity to help others reach great goal posts and dreams, simply because we didn’t pay attention. 

Camp Kaleidoscope is an opportunity to pay attention. It is an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of differently-abled and less fortunate children. 

Starting on Friday, 25 August 2017, the Paramount Conference Centre (at Eduland) near Rustenburg will be transformed into a wonderful “veldskool” for disabled children. Over 70 children with different sorts and levels of physical disabilities will join up with children from different backgrounds in the spirit of unity, friendship and great fun in the veld!

At most veldschools, the mission of the camp is to teach children courage, equip them with self-confidence and plant the seeds that they can one day make a difference in the lives of others… Also it’s going to be great fun, like everyone’s veldskool should be!

If there is one single fond memory from my own veldskool it would have to be the obstacle course. No camp is complete without one, which is why the team from Camp Kaleidoscope reached out to the Iowa based NPO Train to Inspire. They agreed to come to South Africa and build an obstacle course suitable for children with disabilities.

Camp Kaleidoscope is the brainchild of Brenda Klopper, a disabled young woman from Rustenburg. She has proven that if you set your mind to it, with planning, patience and diligence, you can achieve nearly anything. 

In an interview with the Platinum Weekly newspaper, she explained that a lot more planning and consideration (and funds) have to go into this event to make it a success. “The purpose of Camp Kaleidoscope is to educate the children and to empower participants with life knowledge. We would also like to teach the children that they can make a difference in the lives of others.”

The planning and energy necessary to make this event a reality is daunting. Besides funding and advice, they still need volunteers and advisors. 

If you believe you can make a difference on any level, please show your support and contact Brenda on 072-356 8781 or email her at You can also visit or for more information.

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