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13 July 2018

Rustenburg – The hotly debated 61,8% increase for Rustenburg Local Municipality (RLM) councillors will be implemented effectively this new financial year, mayor Mpho Khunou has confirmed in an interview with Platinum Weekly on Monday 9 July.

Explaining the large increase to Platinum Weekly, mayor Mpho Khunou said the amount was based on a ministerial determination called ‘the upper limits’ done by the minister of cooperative governance.

“The salary increase of councillors is an issue that we must always remember is legislated and is based on an act of parliament, which empowers the minister to review the remuneration of councillors,’ mayor Khunou said.

The reason for the double-digit increase was also a result of the 2016 community survey.

“The determination is based on two findings: our revenue and population. It placed the Rustenburg council, not the municipality, on level 6 grading which meant the increase should have been affected two years ago. We could not previously afford the increase, but we are now prepared for it,” mayor Khunou said.

Asked whether the increase was justifiable against the outcry from various sources, mayor Khunou said the outcry was warranted and it is understood, but that the increase us a result of the grading of the council to level 6.

The RLM will go ahead and implement the 61,8% increase for councillors in this financial year, mayor Mpho Khunou told Platinum Weekly on Monday 9 July.


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