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24 February 2017

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA) proudly announced that its Special Investigations Unit is expanding to enable them to undertake even more undercover work, rescues and raids.

They want to raise funds to purchase a vehicle for the NSPCA’s Special Investigations Unit. Please go to the link below for direct access to this funding platform which also enables donors to receive Section 18A tax certificates which is an added bonus as the tax year end looms.

Dog fighting is a particularly heinous crime. It is frequently the case that it is not a “stand-alone” crime but linked to other illegal and usually violent activities. It is especially disturbing that the victims cannot appeal for help, speak for themselves or escape their life of misery and brutality.

Everyone can play a meaningful role in helping us to combat this scourge.  The NSPCA has a commendable record of successful raids on dog fighting syndicates, including arrests, rescues of the animals involved (including the poor animals used as disposable “bait” to incite and train other dogs to fight) and prosecutions. Sentencing of offenders as a result of charges laid by the NSPCA has included jail time with no option of a fine.

NSPCA Media Statement

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