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24 February 2017

The Hartklopduette pair, Cinda de Klerk and Dirk JV Vuuren, has been performing since 2009. They need no introduction, but their plight pulls at your heartstrings.

This duet-team has a very busy schedule and tour the country continually. However, in between their shows, they perform at old age homes free of charge.

“We simply ask that you hire us for your functions, or to help us make our dream of performing at old age centres, a long-term dream of ours, a reality,” Dirk JV Vuuren said in an interview with the Platinum Weekly newspaper.

“We don’t want millions... but we need support. Even the smallest of donations will help, and in return we will promote your business on our tours. We also respectfully ask for food, clothes and toiletries to hand out at the old-age homes we visit,” Van Vuuren said.

For more information on Hartklopduette, to book a show or to assist, please contact Van Vuuren on 073-074 5885 or You can also visit their facebook page, Hartklopduette.

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