Headline News
07 September 2018

Rustenburg – The timely arrival of the Rustenburg Fire Brigade to extinguish a fire at a local fast food outlet in the CBD on Wednesday 5 September, averted - what could have been - a disaster of major proportions. 

Taking a closer look at the smouldering rubbish/storage room, the potential powder keg became aparent. Five gas cylinders stood in the centre of a smoke-filled room crammed with shreds of discarded boxes, papers, leftover food, staff backpacks and bicycles.

The emergency services personnel were taken aback by the disregard for the legally prescribed methods for storage and handling of gas cylinders. 

Upon request, the staff of the fast food restaurant refrained from commenting about the cause or circumstances of the incident. At the time of going to print the Rustenburg Fire Brigade had not yet prepared an official statement.

Rustenburg firefighters and other emergency personnel on scene. 
Five gas cylinders in the centre of a smoke-filled room. 
Emergency and rescue services on scene.


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