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16 December 2016

Rustenburg – Using unauthorised fireworks can land you in jail!

The festive season is here and for different people, it means different things. For most of us it means relaxing with our loved ones and spending a well-deserved rest by the braai, on the beach, in the bush or simply vegging in front of the TV.

For others it means bright fire-works and joyously celebrating the new-year.  If you enjoy a bright firework show then I have great news for you; you don’t have to spend your hard earned money on fireworks, you can simply tune into one of several DSTV channels such as CNN or BBC and enjoy New Year’s Celebrations from across the globe.

Not only is it far more affordable and considerate, but as Sergeant Ofentse Mokgadi, police spokesperson explained; the unauthorised use and even the purchase of fireworks is illegal. It will get you a hefty fine and can even lead to 12 months in jail.

“Members of the public should note that the use of fire-works is regulated by law and the use thereof in an irresponsible manner is not without consequences, and can even lead to conviction of crimes and sentences to fines and/or imprisonment,” Sgt Mokgadi said.

According to the Explosives Act 25 of 1956, it is illegal to set off fireworks in any public place or resort without prior written permission from the local authorities. “No person shall use or discharge any explosive, firearm or similar device which emits impulsive sound, or allow it to be used or discharged, if it may cause a noise or nuisance except with the prior consent in writing of the local authority concerned and subject to such conditions as the local authority may deem necessary.”

As far as the effect of the using of fireworks on animals is concerned, it must be noted that the noise levels have a far reaching effect on the animals and leads to severe panic and distress of these animals. Actions which cause undue distress to animals are regarded as cruelty to animals and are prohibited by the Prevention of cruelty to animals Act.

Sgt Mokgadi told the Platinum Weekly newspaper that the Police are ready to enforce the laws on the abuse of fireworks this festive season.

“To ensure that all the inhabitants of Rustenburg enjoy a peaceful festive season, the authorities responsible for the enforcement of the above mentioned laws are ready and willing to enforce such laws and take whichever steps necessary.” 

Any person with complaints in regard to nuisance and the use of fire-works is requested to lodge their complaints at the local police station or on the following numbers;

  • Rustenburg SAPS: 014-590 4115/6/7 
  • Explosives Unit: 076-862 2920
  • Rustenburg Municipality Fire Safety: 083-274 3744

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