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21 December 2018

As 2018 begins to wind down and we all start preparing for the festive season and the new year ahead, I’d like to thank you – our readers – for your contributions to our newspapers, be it news that you submitted or advertisements you have placed. Please continue to do so and play your part in making our town a better place to live in.  

Most importantly, I would like to thank God for blessing us with another year filled with friendship, family, grace, opportunities and the determination to achieve our goals. 
This year definitely had its ups and downs; we brought you a few heart-warming stories and a few heart-wrenching articles. I am very proud of our dedicated editor and team and appreciate all they invested in Platinum Publishers this year.

We are committed to continue our mission of bringing you accurate, fair and independent news and entertainment that focuses on the community.

If you are traveling during the holidays, be safe on the roads and take adequate breaks to rest. On behalf of all of us at Platinum Weekly and Platinum Bushvelder, I wish each and every one of you a blessed, happy and joyful Christmas. May you feel God’s love and grace during this time and may you have a prosperous new year.

I am confident that the best is yet to come.
Our office will be closed from 18 December to 14 January 2019. Our distribution team will however distribute our last publication for 2018 on 21 December. You will find us back and busy at the office on 14 January 2019. Don’t be too harsh on yourself with your New-Year’s resolutions but be sure to put your stamp on 2019!

Warm regards, 
Managing director of Platinum Publishers  
Len Lombard

Platinum Publisher’s managing director Len Lombard.


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