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19 April 2019

Rustenburg – Sensei Aryan Manilall used the skills he has been taught at the Traditional Styles Known Knowledge In Action (TSKKIA) karate club to good effect when he fought off a knife-wielding robber and recovered his mother’s handbag on Saturday 23 February. 

The incident occurred after Aryan and his mother had finished shopping for groceries at one of the shops in the central business district (CBD) in Rustenburg. 

As he was putting some of the groceries into the backseat, a man approached them and demanded Aryan’s mom’s bag while threatening her with a knife. 

Fearing for her life, she handed him her purse. The suspect ran off with the bag. Realising what had just happened, Aryan chased after the man, grabbed him by the neck and used his skills to force the thief to let go of the bag.

“I am so proud of Aryan for being brave, using what he learnt and for doing the right thing,” said Shihan Albert Venter, founder of TSKKIA.  

For more information contact TSKKIA headquarters at 082 463 1073 or visit 

Shihan Albert Venter and Sensei Aryan Manilall. 


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