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17 May 2019

North West – There were 21 less road fatalities recoreded in the North West province during the Easter holidays this year, when compared to 2018 – according to a preliminary report released by transport minister doctor Blade Nzimande. 

The report, which covers the period between Thursday 18 April and Monday 22 April, shows that the total number of fatalities recorded on the country’s roads decreased by 48% when compared to last year’s statistics. 

There were 162 deaths recorded on the roads in 2019, compared to the 309 that were recorded in 2018 - a reduction of 147 fatalities.  

This year, the North West recorded 13 deaths, which was a significant improvement from the 34 fatalities recorded in 2018. Kwa-Zulu Natal had the highest number of fatalities (37), followed by Limpopo (32), Eastern Cape (22) and Western Cape (18).

The report also shows that there were 128 crashes, which is a 46% decrease, compared to the 238 crashes recorded in 2018. 

The decrease in the number of fatalities and crashes has been attributed to the increased operations and visibility of law enforcement officers during the Easter holiday. 

During the operations, 161,784 vehicles were stopped while a total of 1,343 arrests were made. A total of 807 drivers were arrested for drunk driving. 

“We are encouraged by the behaviour of the majority of motorists and all road users, who showed a willingness to obey the rules of the road,” said doctor Nzimande. “However, government is still concerned even by a single loss of life on our roads,” he added.


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