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17 March 2017

The Pink Ladies organisation celebrated their 10th year anniversary on 5 March 2017. 

The Pink Ladies are an independent group of volunteers, affiliated and associated with The Pink Ladies (a registered Section 21 NGO). The organisation was established for the primary purpose of reuniting missing and endangered children and loved ones with their families and/or caregivers.

Greetings all

“It is with great pleasure that we celebrate our 10th Anniversary with our partners SA Police Services and the people of  South Africa and abroad. Our board of directors and members have had the privilege of working with all the communities in the provinces and various areas with great successes. Together we hold hands and make a difference to bring our loved ones home.” 

For more information, visit or email You can also contact them via Whatsapp on 072-214 7439 or SMS on 072-214 7439. Additional emails to contact Pink Ladies include or

Please note that their 24 hour number is to be used only for the following: Reporting a missing child/ adult; relaying information regarding a missing child/adult. For reasons of expediency and efficiency, no other enquiries will be entertained.

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