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24 March 2017

Rustenburg – The Rustenburg Municipal Swimming Pool (referred to as the ‘Marais Street’ public swimming pool), have been ‘n swamp for five weeks on end!

Since Gean Legoboy, manager at the Rustenburg Municipal Swimming Pool, stood his ground on Wednesday, 15 February 2017, and waited at the municipality’s offices from 07h00 up to 15h30 until he finally received payments to buy chemicals for the swimming pools... no chemicals were received since then.

“That’s five weeks of green water!” an exasperated Josey Harris, chief coach at the Rustenburg Swimming Club (RSC) and a swimming coach for nearly forty years, said in an interview with the Platinum Weekly newspaper.

The amount should be threefold the usual rate, since converting a ‘green’ swimming pool takes a good deal more chemicals, than the general upkeep thereof. This comes to no surprise for the municipality, as the costs to maintain the pool is budgeted for.

“This is completely unacceptable,” Harris said. “We have cancelled one of our swimming gala’s completely, only to be met with arms folded and unanswered emails. The promises made in meetings we’ve attended to sort this out, has been left unanswered, and our kids can’t swim.”

The level 1, 2 and 3 swimming gala’s scheduled in the following couple of weeks, forces the kids to seek out acceptable swimming pools at Royal Bafokeng and Mooinooi.

The Rustenburg Municipal Swimming Pool (referred to as the ‘Marais Street’ public swimming pool), green for five weeks on end!

“We are desperate to get our kids to the best level possible, and now we have to spend numerous hours on the road, to attain that goal. Petrol is expensive!” Harris said.

The monetary loss of the Rustenburg Municipal Swimming Pool is another heart-ache. “How many people turn back and seek other swimming facilities when they are met with green water? Who’s going to pay the bill after kids get sick after swimming in green untreated water?” Harris asked.

“What’s more, the Minister of Sports and Recreation, Mr. Fikile Mbalula, implores the entire South Africa to teach kids to swim, as this can save lives. But where are we supposed to do that? Rustenburg wants to be a world class city... for what, frogs?” 

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