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31 March 2017

“Women are as much concerned about safety of their loved ones as their husbands, and the time has come for mothers and wives to be empowered to take their place alongside men – especially in safeguarding their families on farms and smallholdings. Unwanted intrusions to homes on farms and smallholding have lead to countless tragedies. Preventative measures could be more effective when women are more qualified in safety measures to assist their husbands.”

This is the opinion of Jan Prinsloo of Potchefstroom, who is the co-coordinator of an action to stop unwanted intrusions to farm and smallholding dwellings.

He is supported by top key role players in agriculture in South Africa and has made a huge impact with a new device, developed by the American Department of Defence to stop criminals within seconds – in their tracks – before any damage or harm is done.

Prinsloo recently addressed various regional conferences and meetings of women and farmers associations, where he announced a new organisation that will empower women to assist their husbands in safety and security. The Transvaal Women Agriculture Union is looking into the possibility to assist AVASA, Women Action, South Africa.

AIRBLOCK, the device that scares intruders in their wits, when trying to gain entrance to homes, was recently introduced to readers and positive reaction and results proves that there is at last technology to stop surprise attacks, assaults, rape and murdering of families in places where they are suppose to feel free and save.

A few cases have since been reported where AIRBLOCK has warned families of actions in progress to gain access to their homes and attacks were timely averted and the possible loss of lives prevented.

Prinsloo introduced the device to TAU-SA (Transvaal Agriculture Union) who had it tested before the Security Committee of the Union, who announced to recommend it to the farming communities of South Africa. Thereafter Hinterland, Agri-SA, Senwes, the Transvaal Women Agriculture Union, Neighbour Watch sectors in different towns took to this deadly and effective device to safeguard their properties.

According to Prinsloo, the device which differs completely from conventional security systems and especially designed for the American Defence Force to stop intruders within seconds in their tracks is making headway in especially the northern provinces of South Africa where it has been introduced and demonstrated.

The good news must be shared that farm and small holding owners, town and city dwellers who live in fear that they will be victims of criminal elements at home during day or night, can now apply stringer preventative measures.  

Information supplied; Jan Pinsloo, 073-963 7021

“Jan Prinsloo was onlangs ‘n spreker by twee van Noordwes se Konferensies (Buisfontein, Wolmaransstad en Rustenburg).

Die bewusmakingsveldtog van die AIRBLOCK produk is aan die dames van die VLU bekendgestel, omdat veiligheid vir almal van belang is.

Niemand word onder enige verpligting gestel nie, maar Jan se aanbieding was baie volledig en dames kan ‘n ingeligte besluit neem. Die prys is ook heeltemal haalbaar.”

Pam van Rensburg, President van Noordwes Vroue Landbou-unie

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