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31 March 2017

Dear Readers,

Do you shop in the Rustenburg CBD? If yes, then know that pickpockets may be just next to you while doing your shopping. I would like to caution you of petty thieves stealing wallets and cell phone of unsuspecting shoppers.

On Friday afternoon, 24 March 2017, at about 13h50 two women stole my wallet from my bag at the Edgars Store in the Rustenburg CBD. While I and a friend were looking at some clothes, a woman and a young girl approached us looking for an advice on what to wear and buy… part of her plot to distract us while they opened my handbag and took my wallet with my valuables inside.

Although we insisted that they go fit the clothes or use the mirror nearby, they kept pushing us to help them. Unfortunately they took my wallet with ID, bank card, driver’s licence, medical aid card, student card among others.

The same incident took place the same day at Mr Price, where the suspects stole the victim’s cellphone from her bag. Although there was no money in the wallet, replacing all my valuables was just as stressful. Please be extra careful when shopping in the CBD. You never know who is targeting you.

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