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13 January 2017

Rustenburg/ Royal Bafokeng – “Swift reaction and teamwork of various Police units resulted in the apprehension of nine suspects for aiding and abetting a suspect to escape, defeating the ends of justice as well as escaping from lawful custody on Friday, 06 January 2017,” Brigadier Sabata Mokgwabone, police spokesperson, said.

The arrest of eight suspects, aged between 32 and 41, emanated from an incident in which they, a group of males, illegally released and aided the escape of a murder suspect, who was arrested and about to appear before the Bafokeng Magistrates’ Court in Tlhabane.

The murder suspect, at the time, was handcuffed and in a Police van, parked close to the court entrance. A group of eight men, armed with an assortment of dangerous weapons, including assegais, spears, stones and pangas, advanced towards the Police vehicle and attempted to release the suspects.

The Police had to fire warning shots trying to calm the situation down, but to no avail. The perpetrators ignored the Police and in the process managed to free the murder suspect. Fleetingly they got into a Mercedes Benz Sprinter and fled the scene. The Police gave chase.

The Sprinter’s tyres presented a flat, resulting in all nine suspects abandoning the vehicle. The Police managed to arrest the eight suspects, as well as the suspect arrested for murder. When they chased the suspects down, the murder suspect was found still handcuffed.

The nine suspects appeared before the Bafokeng Magistrates Court’ on Monday, 09 January 2017.
The group of eight face charges of aiding and abetting a suspect to escape and defeating the ends of justice, while the murder suspect is now also charged with the escape from lawful custody.

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