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29 May 2020

Rustenburg / Mooinooi – Grace Help Centre extends a hand of support to women in the Bojanala and Madibeng districts. During lockdown, many women find themselves victims of gender-based violence. Grace Help Centre’s doors are open.

They are a registered non-profit organisation and registered place of safety for victims [and their children] of gender-based violence.

If the following is a reality in your life or that of a close friend or family member, they don't have to remain trapped in the situation. Look out for these signs of abuse:

  • Physical violence that includes slapping, pinching, kicking, choking and shoving.
  • Mental abuse that includes intimidation, coercion, ridiculing and harassment.
  • Financial abuse involves controlling a victim's ability to acquire, use, and maintain financial resources.
  • Forbidding contact with friends or family.


Step 1

If you can, take photos of any abuse and save them on your phone. If you have any records or reports from doctors, keep them safe. They can be used as evidence.

Step 2

If the abuser has sent you any threatening or abusive messages save them on your phone.

Step 3

Fill a travel bag with a few items of clothing and shoes, important documents like a birth certificate or IDs, scripts or any day to day essentials and a few small keepsakes. This will help for when you feel it's time to leave or you have no other option.

Step 4

Become familiar with your abuser’s routine so that you will know when it will be a safe time to make your getaway.

Step 5

Save Grace Help Centre’s contact number. When you leave, make your way immediately to a police station and report to them that you are a victim of gender-based violence and that you want to be transferred to Grace Help Centre. You can give them Grace Help Centre’s telephone number and ask them to contact the centre.

If you cannot go to a police station contact Grace Help Centre directly and we will meet you at a central location.

Grace Help Centre can be contacted on 014 574 3476 or their Crisis Line on 072 348 6526.

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