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11 June 2020

South Africa – Wednesday 27 May was National Boys' Day and the South African Male Mentorship Network (SAMnet) would like to see the boys of today become the men of the future. It is only possible if boys are taught from an early age that responsibility is part of love.

According to SAMnet spokesperson Erna Rheeder, the majority of social issues in communities are rooted in a lack of love and respect. “Loving people is men's primary responsibility. Men must be responsible for future men; the young boys looking for fathers.”

We asked a few teens to describe their dads and got the following answers:

  • Edward: My manhood comes from my father. My father is the reason why I am so kind, gentle, loving, caring and humble.
  • Jenny: He is my father as well as my haven. When darkness and the hurt of the world are all I see, my father is always there for me to call on.
  • Leah: You are the one who taught me how to forgive.
  • Julie: My dad is the best Dad ever. I am extremely grateful that he has not given up on me.
  • Alison: Oh Dad. Nothing could describe how much you mean to me.
  • Gregory: He motivates me, directly and indirectly, to improve myself and become a great father.

The sad thing is that these testimonies are in the minority and the opposite is the order of the day. About 65% of our children grow up without their fathers. Our outcry is: Men, let us take up the responsibility and love our boys into being great men and fathers one day.

We want to challenge boys to become great men. We do not become great men by hurting others. And we do not become a wonderful man with alcohol and drugs in our veins.

  • Great men love and respect others…
  • Great men love and respect family…
  • Great men respect the small day-to-day rules that guide our lives…
  • Great men respect the law…
  • Great men do all this because they are great men
  • Allow other great men to mentor you and lead you to greatness…

SAMnet, South African Male Mentorship Network, aims to re-establish men as husbands, fathers and leaders to the benefit of the family and society. We do this by building and empowering organisations and people involved in mentorship to boys and men.

SAMnet devoted May 2020 to the healing, mentoring and greatness of the boy. Spokespersons across the country are available to share their experience of raising boys to be great men. Contact Jaco van Schalkwyk on 084 7777 114, Russel Fagan on 076 641 0958 or Erna Rheeder on 084 383 9417 for more information.

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