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26 June 2020

Rustenburg – The Rustenburg Police Mounted Unit investigated a break-in at GEM furnitures which occurred during lockdown. The manager of the shop reported that they left the premises when lockdown started on Thursday 26 March. On 10 May his security company informed him that an alarm was triggered but that they could not detect anything irregular at the premises.

When the shop re-opened on 20 May, the manager discovered that there had been a break-in at the business and that the culprits gained access through the roof. The burglars managed to get away with 26 flat-screen TVs and eight home-theatre sets.

Mounted Unit members lead by lieutenant colonel John Tongwane as well as sergeant Loago Nkge and sergeant Rodger Nkadimeng, followed up on the information and managed to arrest one suspect on 20 May. The suspect then led the police to more suspects. The team managed to recover 16 of the 26 flat screen TV sets stolen.

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the suspects will only appear before the Rustenburg Magistrates’ Court on 31 July 2020. The suspects have received warnings to appear in court on charges of business burglary and possession of suspected stolen goods.

GEM Furnishers manager and owner both expressed their satisfaction with the Rustenburg Police Mounted Unit for recovering some of the stolen goods.

Mounted Unit members lead by lieutenant colonel John Tongwane (left) and GEM Furnitures employees with the recovered TV sets.


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