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12 April 2021

Doctors can now legally prescribe Ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19

In January, Dr Naseeba Kathrada was one of 700 doctors who wrote a letter to the President, calling for the go-ahead to use Ivermectin. Kathrada says the drug can be used for prophylaxis or administered to patients who have various levels of COVID-19.

The verdict has fallen in their favour and the respondents (without admission of any liability) were ordered to pay R1.8 million to the applicants.

Says Dr Kathrada: “It can be used throughout for treatment. Dosages are different, depending on the weight of the person, when you use it (at which stage). Stay off the black market, go to your doctor.”
The order stipulated that:
A pharmacist, medical practitioner and any other person registered under the Health Professions Act may sell a medicine that contains ivermectin to a patient on prescription.
“Unregistered ivermectin-containing finished pharmaceutical products remain accessible under the present programme” through authorised suppliers.
A medical practitioner may initiate treatment with ivermectin at the same time as submitting an application for the individual to the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (Sahpra).

Those supporting and those opposing the use of Ivermectin are on totally opposite sides of the spectrum. Interesting comments was raised on social media. 
Quoting ‘Money_Talks’ who responded on a critic of Ivermectin on MoneyWeb, referring to the Jama study, which was but one of many studies done on both sides, he said:
“The Jama study was fundamentally flawed:
– The study was sponsored by vaccine makers, for whom there is financial benefit to discredit the use of an effective treatment like Ivermectin.
– The target outcome of the study was changed during the study, resulting in the study proving effectively nothing – two groups of healthy young individuals with mild symptoms recover quickly anyway.
– The control group also received Ivermectin for some period during the study by accident, thereby nullifying the total outcome of the study.
– The study was not properly controlled, since individuals were sent home with bottles of bitter tasting medicine. How can you be sure it was not poured down the drain?”

In another comment ‘’Money_Talks’ said:
Ivermectin has been proven beyond reasonable doubt by many clinical and observational studies around the world, to show a remarkable benefit in the prevention and treatment of all strains of Covid-19. The available data shows a great improvement in safety over other medicines, as well as the current “vaccines”.
There is also a huge censorship effort by various government agencies, Google, YouTube and other media platforms 
(all controlled by the Elite) in order to discredit and silence the use of Ivermectin as a possible treatment option for Covid-19. If you want to find out the truth, you sometimes have to surf the Dark Web.

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