Crime & Accidents News
30 August 2021

Rustenburg – A large group of Rustenburg Crime Combatting Forum (RCCF) members took to the Rustenburg streets on Friday 20 August to keep a watchful eye. ADT Fidelity officers were also on standby to assist in any emergency. Dedicated to serving their community, the RCCF members are out and about patrolling the streets, while the rest of the city sleeps. By creating visibility, they deter criminals from trying their luck. Their organisation is now more than 300 members strong, and anyone interested to join their ranks are welcome. The RCCF team is a voluntary organisation, non-profitable and non-political. They adhere to strong moral codes, a strict code of conduct and set of rules. They are the eyes and ears of the police and the community. They operate as a family unit. For more information or to join them, contact Ansie Pretorius on 074 327 3041.

Members of the RCCF patrolled the streets to keep their community safe.


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