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07 September 2021

Have you ever pretended to be sick as an adult? 

Yes, I once did it when I didn’t feel like going to work. I think it’s a common thing for people to pretend to be sick.  
Omphile Mekgwe
No, I believe in honesty and owning up to my responsibilities. If you really are sick – you also have the responsibility to admit it. 
Liana Nagel
No, in today’s times it has become a norm to fake being sick. “Eish, I’m not lus to go to work today so let me just play sick.” How can people lie so much? You need to be committed to your work. Your paycheck never gets sick… There are many out there without jobs that would love your job. Work hard, play hard and be motived.
Faried Saloojee


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