Headline News
13 September 2021

Rustenburg – Homelessness is a complex and difficult socio-economic issue often associated with judgement and fear as well as empathy. Platinum Weekly newspaper became aware of a couple who made the Paul Bodenstein Park their new home. Not easily seen from the road, the couple’s makeshift home is protected from the public eye by thick shrubs and bushes. A tent and gazebo make up the main structure.
When we got to the ‘home’, we were met by two dogs… a Beagle-cross and a larger crossbreed. 
A cat also joined the tour. 
“All they now need is a welcome mat! And soon the entire park will be an informal settlement!” a resident in the area commented. The park is located across the Rustenburg Civic Centre, and surrounded by secured estates and a prominent shopping centre. 
But where will they go? “We hope that as we pray and thank God for the roof over our heads, that this couple will also find a new home with the assistance of government,” she added. 

Paul Bodenstein Park...home (photo taken 8 September 2021 with permission/ all Covid-19 protocol observed). 


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