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28 September 2021

R510/ Rustenburg/ Thabazimbi – I was driving from Rustenburg to Thabazimbi when I saw three youngsters next to road, eyes stricken with panic. I had to pull over! (much to my mother’s dismay when I told her later…) This was about 10km before Northam. 

There was an incident between a taxi and a bakkie and it looked like the taxi pushed the bakkie off the road… The bakkie had a trailer containing off-road bikes and four-wheelers. When I got closer, the taxi driver and passengers was already on the side of the road, circling the bakkie. Another taxi also pulled over… And that was when I saw the youngsters. 

I pulled over. 
I was followed by a third taxi driver who also pulled over. 
I walked cautiously closer to the taxi driver and driver of the bakkie (I presume the father of the teenagers). Everybody was shouting.

I walked up to the father and firmly said: Get into your bakkie and leave! He wanted to ‘talk to’ the taxi driver about insurance and whose fault it was… that sort of thing. I eventually got him to leave. 
I know it’s procedure to exchange details after a vehicle accident, but to me, the situation was suspicious. Almost as if the “accident” was on purpose. 

It’s terrible getting into an accident, small or big – but your safety, and that of your passengers are paramount. If you deem the situation unsafe, drive to your nearest police station, don’t stop, and then only can you exchange details… NOT in the middle of nowhere… 


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