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28 September 2021

I remember, just a few months ago, putting my diary in the bottom drawer… I took it out every now and then, but could not use it like before. That was when the third Covid-19 wave hit.

You couldn’t plan anything! My diary’s timelines, not to mention date, didn’t mean a thing. I grew up with ‘failing to plan, is planning to fail’… it’s one of my motto’s. You can’t sit around waiting for something good to happen.

You need to take action, and if you want to do it smart, you have to plan. I go down on my knees and thank God that the troubling waters have calmed down a bit. I pray to God that I fulfil the plan He has laid out before me. And I’m thankful that my diary, and planning of my tasks, is once again something that I can take up. 


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