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28 September 2021

Rustenburg – Since April 2016 brigadier Gertrude Modise spearheaded Rustenburg’s fight against crime as the Rustenburg station commander. She has made a significant impact during her service, but after many years of devoting most of her time to her community, she is finally retiring.

During a glamourous event, befitting the remarkable woman she is, her family, friends and colleagues had the opportunity to celebrate her and her career on Friday 17 September.

Keynote speakers included those who worked with her throughout her career paying tribute to her. Words like “brave, dedicated, dynamic, phenomenal, caring and intelligent” were repeatedly used to describe her. 

Being a woman in blue was her life’s calling and she embraced it with passion.

“Brigadier Modise decided to walk the walk and talk the talk when she joined the South African Police Service (SAPS) to protect and serve her community.

She is a woman who never backed down, who gracefully and caringly guided her ‘blood family’ and her ‘blue family’ through many facets of life,”

captain Elsabé Augoustides said. Seargent Thomas Molapong added: “She had a way of reading people and understood the importance of communication, this was part of her success.”

Born and raised in Kroondal, her parents must have known that she was destined for great things when they named her Gertrude, meaning “mother of all gifts”. As a young woman with stars in her eyes, brigadier Modise joined the SAPS in 1991. She quickly climbed the ranks.

Dedicated to her job, you could often find her at the station in the early hours of the morning working, even when she was not on duty. Her approach to leadership was strict, but her goal was to help people be better. 

Leading from the front, she was always on the ground with her troops. From the war room to a shoulder to cry on – she did it all. When you phoned her 02:00 in the morning, she was there, a true leader. She also shared her knowledge and left a true legacy wherever she went.

Her daughter Jenny Modise said that her mother has always been her role model. “When she puts her mind to something, she does it with passion.”

She also spoke about her mother’s generosity, how she assisted those in need and her children.

“I believe my mother is blessed because she always gives freely,” she added.

Various tales of brigadier Modise were shared at the ceremony and many tears were shed. 

During her farewell speech brigadier Modise said: “I have faced many challenges in my life and each one of them has made me stronger and more dedicated towards my goal.

I would like to thank all of you who contributed to this success. I am grateful for all that you have done for me.”

Although it is a true loss for our community, we wish brigadier Modise a long and peaceful retirement. 
A running theme throughout the event was her impeccable memory and how she could remember incidents right down to the exact case number – the memory of her will be kept like that in the minds of all that had the privilege of meeting her. She has given a lot for our community and is leaving a big pair of shoes to fill.

Brigadier Gertrude Modise, the Rustenburg station commander is retiring after 31 years of service.


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