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12 October 2021

Nobody likes having blood drawn or getting an injection. But for some the fear of needles is unbearable with just the sight of one causing them to pass out! 

Make yourself heard by sending an email to or a WhatsApp to 081 579 7000 with the following information before 17:00 on Tuesday 12 October: 

  •     Yes, I’m afraid of needles, or, 
  •     No, I’m not afraid of needles
  •     The reason for your answer.
  •     A recent photo of yourself (optional) – that we can publish with your answer.
  •     Your contact details.

If you don’t want your answers to be in the newspaper, just reply to the question: YES/ NO. 
The results of the votes will be published in our next issue. 

PS – You can also give your opinion by commenting on our Facebook post.


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