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19 October 2021

Rustenburg – Just after 14:30 on Thursday afternoon, 14 October, an attempt to kidnap a high-school girl walking home from school failed, due to the immediate response of people who were walking by and witnessed the incident.

The girl is a pupil of Grenswag High School and was walking towards her home in Kerk Street, East End when the incident occurred.

Apparently, a guy was walking towards her, looking like just another pedestrian. As he came close to her, a white Volkswagen Polo also slowly approached her. The guys in the car yelled ‘grab her’ in Setswana.

The ‘pedestrian’ grabbed her by her schoolbag and started dragging her towards the car. Her screams alerted other pedestrians who immediately came to her rescue, an elderly lady and two young boys. The guy lost his grip of her and jumped into the Polo which sped off in the direction of the R510.Councillor Martha Lerm who stay very close to where the incident occurred, ran outside when she heard the screams.

She also contacted the girl’s parents and accompanied by the elderly lady, walked the girl home. “The mother assured me that the girl will not walk home alone again,” councillor Lerm says. The girl was in a state of shock. Upon the advice of councillor Lerm, the parents and the elderly lady immediately accompanied the girl to the Rustenburg police station to open a case of attempted kidnapping. Says councillor Lerm:

“It’s really frightening to see how many kids, even much younger than this girl walk past my house, on their own, every day.

We live in a society where not even adults are safe. We need to safeguard our children. I applaud the elderly lady and the two young men who did not think twice to save the girl.”


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