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27 October 2021

SA – South Africa’s most vulnerable citizens, who qualify for SASSA grants are under continuous attack from scammers who deliberately focus on the elderly, women, children and the disabled.
Please don’t fall victim to these scams: 

Fake grant beneficiary cards for sale on social media.

Fake validity tests of the cards’ expiry dates by fraudsters posing as government employees, cloning the beneficiaries SASSA-cards and withdrawing the welfare money.

Lucky draw scam via SMS. The beneficiary receives an SMS asking them to enter their personal information.

The next scam claims that recipients of all ages will be given a R2,200 voucher if they register on a bogus website with their ID numbers and proof of address if they are jobless.

Mike Bolhuis, Specialist Investigators into Serious Violent & Serious Economic Crimes, October 2021 release extracts


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