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03 November 2021

As a team of enthusiasts, Warwick Tarboton and his wife Michèle, Lyn Wadley, Jonathan Swart, Joseph Heymans, Kerry Baytopp and Linda Willemse, have compiled a book, Wildflowers of the Waterberg, which developed from all the flower contributions to Warrick and Michèle’s website Waterberg Bioquest.  

Title: Wildflowers of the Waterberg
Authors: Lyn Wadley, Linda Willemse, Kerry Baytopp, Jonathan Swart, Joseph Heymans, Warwick and Michèle Tarboton
ISBN number: 978-0-620-94398-7
Dimensions, etc: 250 mm x 210 mm, 320 pages, hard cover; full colour, 2,000 photographs of 661 species
Price: Retail price R300

A sample of the book’s contents can be seen on:
This link can also be reached from the ‘Whats New’ page and the ‘Wild flowers’ page on the Waterberg Bioquest website.
For orders, contact Warrick Tarboton on

Boophone Leaves are erect fans from large, poisonous bulbs with parchment-like scales. Flower umbels form tumbleweeds when dry.


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