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03 November 2021

Rustenburg – Rustenburg Child and Family Care has embarked on a delicious project to treat not only the children in their care, but the also the residents of Rustenburg Rusoord. They plan to have the youngsters bake cookies and decorate tins to hand over to the elderlies. 

It has been a particularly difficult year for the organisation as they lost their beloved chairman Dr. Sheehan Grant. Dr. Grant was not only the chairman of the Rustenburg Child and Family Care team, but also the vice-chairman of Rustenburg Rusoord.

His death was a big loss to the community and his love for children, the elderly and cookies has been the driving force behind this project. “Grandpa Grant” as he was known among the children treated each one like his own grandchild with love, acceptance and respect.

Rustenburg Child and Family Care’s foster home currently houses 34 children. The number of children varies depending on whether children are placed out or admitted in their care. 

To make this project a success, they will need tins (the tins that baby formula comes in is ideal). They will also need donations of the ingredients like flour, eggs, baking powder, Maizena, sugar, oats, syrup, coconut, apricot jam and mixed spices for the cookies. 

They plan to start baking in November and hand out the tins of cookies to the elderly in early December.


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