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03 November 2021

Rustenburg – Last week I was tasked to collect a family member at a local hospital and was shocked to find people’s blatant disregard for parking signs.

This hospital is always busy and finding parking is always a challenge. As a visitor, it is a bit of an inconvenience – but for ambulances not being able to find a parking spot can be a matter of life or death. For that reason, parking areas has been demarcated specifically for ambulances. 

While I was looking for a parking an ambulance came in. Mr ‘I’m too lazy to walk a few extra steps’ stopped in the parking area for ambulances. The driver of the ambulance was forced to find another spot, much further down the line. 

Those two minutes that the ambulance could have spared by stopping in the designated area, could be the two minutes needed to save a life. The two minutes that they had to walk back to the ambulance could have been used to get to their next emergency two minutes earlier. They will tell you that when they are fighting for your life, every second counts.

How would you feel if paramedics missed saving a loved one by seconds just because you weren’t in the mood to find alternative parking?

Mrs Alternative Parking


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