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06 December 2021

Buffelspoort/Rustenburg - Rustenburg Landelike Diens, Buffel Sekuriteit and community patrols responded to an active crime scene in the Maanhaarrand area outside Rustenburg on Wednesday 24 November.

A community member who noticed something was wrong, alerted them about suspicious activity in the veld. Buffel Sekuriteit employee Jan de Beer, was the first to respond. On their arrival the suspects fled on foot leaving their getaway vehicle and loot behind. The tracks were followed to a location where it is suspected that they were picked up by another vehicle.

It was later established that a nearby camp ground had a break-in where a lot of stuff was stolen. The goods were returned to them. In a separate incident on 27 November, they received a call from people near Buffelspoort reporting a man who was on their premises trying to provoke them to come out of their house.

He knocked on their door saying someone said he could sleep there. The man was told to leave the premises and security in the area was informed. During a check in, they found the suspect rummaging through the barn and confronted him. He started to get aggressive and was subsequently arrested.
“We would like to urge the community to be vigilant.

You need to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity and report it. As a community we need to stand together to keep these criminals at bay. Get involved with your community patrols because the visibility can make a criminal think twice about targeting a property,” said Buffel Sekuriteit and Rustenburg Landelike Diens owner Charl Visser.

This is a huge success for the community patrols  Buffel Sekuriteit and the Buffelspoort valley as a whole.

The suspect fled leaving their loot in the veld.


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