Crime & Accidents News
20 January 2017

In the past, patients and/or bystanders of an accident scene or an emergency situation, faced the situation whereby they are unable to produce any emergency numbers. 

To delay the summoning of an ambulance and/or emergency personnel, could deteriorate the patient’s situation and could very well become life-threatening. 

The first ‘golden hour’ of an accident is critical. 

Save Trauma Rescue’s telephone number, 0861 789 91, under AMBULANCE on your cell phone. 

Their control room is situated on 175 Thabo Mbeki Drive, Rustenburg. Trauma Rescue specializes in ambulance emergencies, sport events, fun days, bazaars, team building events etc. First Aid classes are presentable to the public and corporate companies.

Ambulance emergency transportation consists of transporting medical aid, private and I.O.D/ W.C.A patients. Discount for pensioners and private patients can be arranged.

Trauma Rescue: 0861 789 911 / 082 499 2869 / 079 496 3547

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