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18 March 2022

Arnoldistad/ Kroondal – Some of Arnoldistad’s residents are left powerless after a power outage that lasted more than two weeks.

The first problems with transformers started on Monday 28 February and the second problems with transformers started on 3 March. With phases down, we had just enough electricity to damage a refrigerator but not enough to turn on a light.

Technical teams visited the area several times, every time with a different excuse as to why the electricity could not be restored. Eventually it “came to light” that the fuses needed to be replaced and that the Rustenburg Local Municipality did not have any in stock. 

Residents called the RLM’s call centre without end, every time to be disappointed with no concrete feedback. 

One of the residents eventually obtained fuses at his own cost, and made arrangements with RLM to install it. When they finally came, they said that the fuses were not the problem. “We have enough fuses… the real problem is the fuse holders”… Urgh! – and they did not have stock and their supplier was waiting for his supplier to send stock… 

… and when this will happen is anyone’s guess?
Furious and completely at their wits end, business owners in the area came to the rescue and volunteered to pay for the fuse holders. There was no stock in Rustenburg so they had to buy it in Gauteng.  

The fuse holders arrived in Rustenburg on 16 March and the RLM were immediately informed that they have the items needed and that they can come install it. The plea to install the parts were made long before 12:00 but call after call to follow up on the installation were left unanswered. When one resident called the call centre just after 15:00, they were informed by the agent that she was only informed about the incident 30 minutes ago an residents should be patient. 

Later we were informed that the team is busy in another area and that they might be there at around 08:00 on 17 March – if this will happen remains to be seen.

Used to the dark now
Platinum Weekly reached out the RLM to find out why they don’t have stock and why they are unable to get stock within a reasonable timeframe. RLM communications manager Thapelo Matebesi said electricity engineers attribute frequent power outages to theft and vandalism of infrastructure, tripping of the system, fault on the feeder and explosions. 

So, the stock…? 


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