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19 March 2022

Rustenburg – The Rustenburg Magistrates’ Court has been closed since Friday 25 February due to the Rustenburg Local Municipality’s assessment of the health and safety risk of the building to any person who has access to it. 

After several weeks of having attorneys arriving at dead man’s door, and our local legal processes coming to an almost standstill, alternative plans had to be made.

The Legal Practice Council North West Provincial Office ensured that arrangements were made to get the legal processes flowing again. Certain matters were dealt with to keep the judicial system running. The following arrangements were made:

Criminal Court matters were held at the Rustenburg Police station.

Civil Court matters were held at the Traffic Department opposite Netcare Ferncrest Hospital.
Maintenance Court matters were held at Mobile Units currently used by the Office of the Family Advocate, situated within the Court building.

Domestic and harassment matters were held at the Office of the Family Advocate. 
Children’s Court matters were held at the Office of the Family Advocate.

Estate and Liquidation and Distribution matters were serviced at the office of the Family Advocate.
There was a drop off documents’ office of the Public Protector next to the Court Building, where the clerks were available to collect. 

On 15 March there was a High Court hearing, whereby the court ordered that a meeting should be held between the municipality and representatives from the Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure on 16 March, to reach a consensus on all the conditions at the Rustenburg Magistrates’ Court.

This meeting proved to be fruitful, as it was business as usual at the court, shortly after.

Rustenburg Magistrates’ Court is back in business.


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