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19 March 2022

Rustenburg – As much as they are entertaining, baboons have a mean streak to them that makes them difficult neighbours.

They rummage through your garbage, raid your garden and sometimes even hurt your pets.

In a recent incident Department of Economic Development, Environment, Conservation and Tourism (DEDECT) damage causing animal official, Vasti Botha was called out to assist when a baboon tried to pull a parrot through its cage.

Baboons often create problems when they invade homes looking for food. They knock over waste containers, steal fruit and vegetables from gardens and cause all kinds of trouble. Feeding the baboons because you feel sorry for them just escalates the problem. 

Tips to keep the baboons at bay 
There are measures you can put in place to secure your property from being invaded by baboons and monkeys.

No feeding! Please do not feed the baboons or leave rubbish bins where they can be raided by the baboons. 

Protect your animals. Baboons are very aggressive and dangerous. It is advised to take your dogs into your house if there are baboons in your yard.

Fake snakes… Botha says: “They are very scared of snakes and the use of plastic toy snakes hanging on a piece of fishing line or being placed on a roof will frighten them away. These toy snakes must be moved around from time to time otherwise the baboons will realise that they are fake”.

Install locks and latches… You can prevent baboons from entering your home by installing window and door latches. It will allow you to leave windows and doors open while keeping baboons out.
Water! Baboons don’t like water. You can use your hose or a water gun to chase them away as long as you stay at a safe distance.

Electric fences… If you have the budget, electric fences are an effective way to protect your property from baboons. 

Baboon-proof your dustbins  
Dustbins and fruit trees are major attractions for baboons. This problem increases during the winter months when food is scarcer. Baboons love the leftovers you throw away. Try and separate your organic garbage into a separate container that you can put out of reach of the baboons.
If you encounter a troop of baboons on your property: stand still and remain calm, be confident, back away slowly and don’t try to snatch anything back from the thieving scoundrels. Baboons can be a serious danger to people and should not be underestimated, especially, if they feel they have to protect their babies or a source of food. 

Unfortunately, lethal control is sometimes needed, and the department will only shoot individual damage causing baboons and make use of a professional hunter to ensure that this is done in an ethical manner.

Amongst others, monkey species include baboons, mandrills, marmosets, tamarins, and capuchins and ape species include gorillas, chimpanzees, and orangutans.

Lodge baboon complaints with Botha on 083 761 7497.

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