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08 April 2022

Parliament – Permanent delegates to the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) visited their respective provinces from Tuesday 29 March to 1 April for a Provincial Week programme, themed Assessing State capacity to respond to the needs of communities.

The 2022 Provincial Week is a high-impact oversight programme aimed at responding to the challenges of state capacity in the provinces.

It is further intended to afford permanent delegates to the NCOP with an opportunity to return to their provinces to assess delivery of services to citizens.

The NCOP delegates, together with their provincial legislature counterparts, spent the week interacting with municipalities on interventions to improve governance challenges and the state of service delivery. 

The provincial focus areas which are aimed at addressing issues affecting the provinces are as follows: 

•    Limpopo: Capacity to address structural constraints facing small-scale farmers and SMMEs, especially in the agricultural sector to assist them to deal with biophysical factors such land ownership, market access and affordable support to deal with other price of inputs such as fertilizer, herbicides, irrigation, product transport, and other natural constraint such as global warming.

•    North West: Investment in mining/ renewable energy/ state capacity to build, upgrade and maintain roads, including visiting road infrastructure projects.
Parliamentary Communication extracts, 29 March


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