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20 April 2022

Rustenburg – Platinum Weekly was made aware of a man pretending to be a lodge owner in our area, so we set out to investigate. We ended up going down a rabbit hole of scams.

The audacity of this serial scammer is mind boggling. We are placing only one or two of his scams per week in our newspapers. At the time of going to print, we already interviewed several of his victims.

This serial scammer is also extremely dangerous and armed. He was recorded online, taking out his gun and threatening to shoot another man.

His scams almost play out like a movie… except it’s not. It’s real life and it’s real people who lost real money. It is a pity, however, that only some of his victims have opened criminal cases at SAPS. In some of the cases his scams appear to be nothing more than a power play... a need to impress the ladies...

More and more victims are coming forward and Platinum Weekly aims to expose all of his scams in the weeks ahead. We hope to warn people about his modus operandi, so that they don’t get caught in his web of lies. Hopefully he will be brought to book soon so that we can reveal his identity. 

To protect his victims, we will keep them anonymous.

How low can you go?
Farmers in the Northern Cape are still struggling because of long periods of droughts. Various initiatives are run nationwide where farmers or organisations assist struggling farmers with fodder for livestock. The Helpful Farmer (victim 3) who also assist struggling farmers, was referred to Mr Scammer as a person who might also be able to assist. 

He corresponded with Mr Scammer who told him that he is willing and able to help him – he apparently had more than enough fodder to give away and a truck to deliver it with. All he asked the farmer was the delivery costs from Rustenburg to the Northern Cape.

The cost of this trip, Mr Scammer said, “amounts to about R15,000” but the “generous” Mr Scammer said that they only have to pay over R11,000. Desperate to help those in need, the Helpful Farmer (victim 3) agreed and paid over the money. The fodder never arrived. 

Scamming the scammer
There are many people who are currently looking for Mr Scammer, whether it is to get a summons delivered or to give the details to SAPS. Victim 4 was almost successful in tracking him down. She managed to get Mr Scammer’s latest contact number and reached out to him. However, the person on the other side said that he is not Mr Scammer but that he knows where Mr Scammer is.

He told her that Mr Scammer is part of the mafia and that he is always surrounded by bodyguards but that if she pays him R500, he will go and take photos of Mr Scammer and forward it to her to track him down. 

She immediately knew it was a scam but decided to play along. When she asked for his banking details, she was asked to send the money via a money transfer at a local store, as he apparently does not have a bank account. He then contacted Victim 4 again and again, asking for the money, but she just kept telling him that the money is on the way.

Frustrated with having to wait for the money, he told her that “it is clearly not that important for you to find Mr Scammer and that you are lying about the money”. Her response: “This is just a taste of your own medicine Mr Scammer”… Needless to say, he immediately blocked her number on his phone.

In part one Mr Scammer manipulated one of his victims by telling her that his daughter has died. Not only was the ‘daughter’ he was referring to alive and well, but the Platinum Weekly was told that the daughter is not his daughter, but the daughter of his girlfriend.

He operates all over the show. If some of these stories sound familiar to you, please let us know about it. Even if you were scammed a year or two ago, you can still report it at SAPS. We urge victims to go and to their nearest police station so that a case can be opened. This dangerous man should be brought to book.

If you missed part one you can read about it in Platinum Weekly’s 8 April issue. Watch this space for part 3, where more of his scams will be exposed.

*Names have been withheld to protect the victims.


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