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04 May 2022

Barnardsvlei/ Mooinooi – Hannes Robbertze (59) and his wife Daleen (63) recently moved from the bustling city to a smallholding in Barnardsvlei (close to Mooinooi), looking for some peace and quiet, being retired. 

Five months later, intruders attacked them during the early morning hours of Sunday 24 April, just after midnight. 

Hannes heard something and walked through the house to investigate. An unknown number of assailants then opened fire on him. He ran back to his bedroom to retrieve his firearm but was shot twice from behind in close range. 

He managed to get to his firearm and returned fire – doing everything possible to protect his wife. He managed to put up a good fight and the attackers fled the scene with a laptop.  
Then he collapsed. 

Hannes sustained serious injuries to his one arm and leg and lost a lot of blood. At the time of going to print, he was in a stable condition in hospital. 

“A case of house robbery and attempted murder are being investigated,” lieutenant colonel Adéle Myburgh confirmed.
A community member commenting on Facebook this week about farm attacks in the Buffelspoort area, Thysanne Coetzer, said that they were robbed twice in 10 days in that area.

“We just sold and left. We were honest with the buyers and six years later, they were attacked and killed. Stay away from that area; it’s too close to Majakaneng!” 


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