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13 May 2022

Rustenburg - For the last 10 years, BEST perfect VALET shoppe has strived to live up to their motto: We do it better.

In April 2012, owner Lied Troskie took over the car wash and had big plans for the future. What started out as a wash and vacuum only, quickly expanded and now they specialise in valet services where they deep clean between 200 and 300 cars a month. Their clients include 22 car dealers who regularly make use of their services.

Four of the seven employees they started off with, still work for them. They currently have 20 employees in their team. 

General manager George Mogomotsi, who was part of the original four is a ‘specialist’ in his field. A car valet is no easy task as it requires the whole vehicle to be stripped and cleaned in every nook and cranny.

If a person does not know what they are doing it can cause serious damage to your car’s electrical parts. Because of the expertise of Mogomotsi, BEST perfect VALET shoppe can boast that in the last 10 years not a single electronic control unit has been damaged but just for in case they also have insurance for this. A service not many valet shops offer.

Their employees are their biggest assets, and they are proud to say that their experience, skills and dedication contributes to the success of the company.

Smash and grab and paint protection film are also now part of the services they provide. These value-added services have excelled under the lead of Andrenett Pelser who spearheaded the implementation.

For more information visit BEST perfect VALET shoppe at the corner of President Mbeki Drive and Marias street, Rustenburg or contact them on 071 870 1750.

The BEST perfect VALET shoppe team.


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