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13 May 2022

Rustenburg – The Rustenburg Photographic Society gathered on Wednesday 20 April for their monthly meeting.

For each meeting, members may enter a maximum of five photos for judging; one set subject photo and/or one technical subject, one cellphone photo and the remainder is an open category.

Well done to the following photographers who received first places in their respective categories.

  • Set subject (Men in uniform): Uniform at work - Angelina van Rooyen
  • Technical subject (Fire): Fire Blaster - Jacques McCarthy
  • Cellphone category: Colourful Shapes - Jacques McCarthy

The society meets every third Wednesday of the month. Their next meeting will take place on 18 May.

For more information, contact club chairperson Simon Fletcher on 082 371 9867 or vice chairperson Jacques McCarthy on 078 353 0458.

Colourful Shapes - Jacques McCarthy.
Fire Blaster - Jacques McCarthy.
Uniform at work - Angelina van Rooyen.


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