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23 May 2022

Rustenburg – Criminals are targeting learners as they leave school to go home. 

Bergsig Academy, one of the schools that are targeted, regularly host awareness campaigns for learners about their safety and the use of cellphones in public. “We believe our campaign makes learners more careful and prepared.”

Rustenburg Police captain Elsabé Augoustides added: “We implore parents and guardians to also enforce this message to their kids, and report incidents at the police station”. 

Augoustides also shared important tips: 


  • Learners should rather stay in groups. 
  • Make haste when walking home, don’t become an easy target. 
  • Stay alert and make sure you know what’s going on in your surroundings. Look around. 
  • Never walk with your cellphone in your hand. 
  • Avoid talking on the phone while on your way home. That’s a target on your back. 
  • Most importantly: Do not resist criminals when you find yourself in such an incident. Try to make alarm, try to run away – you can even throw your phone in one direction, and run in the opposite direction. Safety is more important.


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