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23 May 2022

Rustenburg – After a very traumatic experience, a reader reached out to Platinum Weekly to share her story. She wants to warn other women to look out for warning signs of a potentially abusive relationship.

The victim, a financially stable, successful young woman was swept off her feet in January 2021 by a man (she explains) who turned into a monster within three months. He apparently showered her with attention, time and affection (no gifts). 

He told her that he worked at a local mine, but he didn’t have a car and refused to show her where he lived. It did not bother her much at the time as material things don’t matter that much to her. She told us that things were good for the first three months until he started getting more and more possessive.
That soon turned into aggression and before she knew it, she was caught up in an abusive relationship.

He flaunted his firearm to intimidate and control her. In one of her attempts to get away from him, he deflated the tyres of her car. He wasn’t going to let his meal ticket get away that easy... or at least not until he had another victim lined up. Eventually by the end of June, he was gone – and so was her car. He also left her R30,000 in debt.

Even though she wanted nothing to do with him anymore, she had to contact him to try and get her car back. She pleaded with him to return her car, but he just told her that he has moved on and that he was doing very well for himself. 

She told us that he returned in January 2022 only to kidnap and rape her. She reported it to SAPS and a warrant of arrest has been issued, but he is still in the wind. She also attempted to get a protection order against him but found that only an interim order was granted and that it could not be made final as the file apparently went missing.

When she tried to get another order, she was told that she could only apply for such an order against a specific person... once. They apparently told her check in from time to time to see if the file hasn’t been found in the meantime. She had no such luck to date and says that she is just sent from pillar to post when she gets there.

In the meantime, she got in contact with another one of his victims. This lady’s experience was not exactly the same, but very similar and she apparently also suffered a financial loss due to his wheelings and dealings.

It looks like this man is always on the prowl for a specific type of woman. He looks for successful, independent women that he can sponge off and control... and eventually intimidate. Unfortunately for the first victim, things escalated beyond just a ploy to live the good life with her money.

You might ask yourself how a strong successful woman can fall for a man like this. Con artists are extremely good liars, and they play on emotions and not on intelligence. 

Reach out for help if you have fallen victim to abuse. Be careful of masters of manipulation who only think of themselves and are incapable of any true affection. 


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