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20 January 2017

Rustenburg – This week, social media flooded with posts of a young woman of the city attacked by a ‘bum’ standing next to the road on the N4 on-ramp onto the R24. Yet a second attack of the same modus operandi has been reported to the Platinum Weekly newspaper, a mere three days later. We were informed that this man was arrested on Thursday afternoon, 19 January.

In the 1st reported case, Eloise Bothma was on her way to Hyundai at the mall, when she stopped at the red traffic light on the on-ramp from the N4, linking to the R24, on Monday afternoon at approximately 12h20, 16 January 2017. She was alone in the car. 

A man was standing close to her window at the time, indicating with his hands that he wanted food to eat. She gestured back that she had no money or food to give. The man walked past her vehicle, a white Honda Jazz. 

The injuries Eloise sustained.

Moments later a brick smashed through her window – and without hesitation she sped off. “I was so scared and shocked to the bone, that I immediately wanted to get away from the danger. So sped off and only came to a standstill at the garage at the mall,” Eloise told the Platinum Weekly newspaper in an interview. “He was dressed in a black long-sleeve top, blue overall pants and he had a dreadlocks hairstyle.”

According to eyewitnesses on scene, they spotted the same man running towards the KFC closeby, but lost sight of him.   

The Police are investigating. 

A second incident of exactly the same nature, on the same road, was reported to the Platinum Weekly three days later. A young woman, Marina van Vuuren (32) on her way to the Waterfall Mall, was also window-smashed when she was approached by a beggar next to the road. This incident occurred on Wednesday, 18 January 2017, in broad-daylight at about 12h45.

Eloise, rattled, pulled over at the garage at the mall, moments after she was attacked by a ‘beggar’ next to the road.

Her smash-and-grab window prevented glass from shattering into the car. Wanting to confront the man, she stopped in the middle of the road and jumped out. She took out her cell phone to summon assistance, and to make sure she would be able to identify the man later. 

He suddenly jumped onto the back of a passing truck. Marina reacted immediately and gave chase, but when the perpetrator jumped from the truck a few hundred meters later, she lost track of him. 
It is unclear whether the suspect is an actual beggar or just pretending in order to get close to vehicles.

Nonetheless, be vigilant and be warned. Keep a safe distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you, to ensure you have enough space to manoeuvre if needed.  Eloise and Marina would like to take this opportunity to thank the Police for their swift response and arrest of the perpetrator.

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